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    • Dolci

    • Tiramisu


      Sweet Italian cream cheese with amaretto zabaglione between layers of espresso laced sponge fingers and whipped cream

    • Zeppole


      Traditional Italian doughnuts served with Nutella ice cream, Frangelico cream and warm chocolate ganache

    • Mousse al Cioccolato


      Tuscan chocolate mousse topped with vanilla and orange infused berry compote, mascarpone cream and chocolate snow

    • Fragole Grappa Vetri


      Glazed Mooloolaba strawberries topped with house made pumpkin gelato, drizzled with brandy and basil reduction and toasted almonds

    • Trio Gelato


      A selection of house made gelato and sorbet

    • Affogato Coretto


      Espresso, vanilla bean gelato, and liquor

    • Pannacotta


      Café Patron pannacotta, served with crystalized freeze dried coffee, coconut and mango sorbet

      Serve with a shot of Café Patron 24.0

    • Formaggi

    • Mariosarti sources cheeses locally & internationally

      Cheese selections served with seasonal fruits, semi dried fruits, pastes & crisp breads - Please ask your waitperson for todays selection
      Selection for 1 person - 16
      Selection for 2 people - 23
      Selection for 3 people - 28
      Selection for 4 people - 35